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RHPH handles all types of business litigation concerning all types of businesses including business torts like misappropriation, breach of fiduciary duties by officers and directors, shareholder relations, corporate break-ups, restrictive-employment covenants, insurance coverage, fraud, collections, intellectual property infringement, unfair competition, insurance, and even professional malpractice. With a focus on providing practical and candid advise on pursuit and defense of disputes, RHPH keeps the client’s subjective opinion of a “favorable” outcome in mind throughout. RHPH recognizes that sometimes aggressive or bare-knuckle litigation is not the best strategy given an amount in dispute, the particular facts, or the practical aspects of the ongoing business while other times bet-the-business or high-stakes litigation requires an “all in” approach utilizing every strategic advantage available. RHPH balances these approaches in each particular matter and discusses with the client how best to proceed.